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Ukraine: The Bomb That Pro-Putin Libertarians Want To See Detonate

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The Libertarian Republic ran a piece about a British-Lithuanian undressing weak Libertarians that seem to be okay with Russian intervention in Ukraine, while simultaneously hating on America for doing the same around the world. Whether one agrees with him or not, it looks like there’s a bunch of butthurt Libertarians in the comment section, and nothing gets his point across more than that. It’s a lovely article. And it reminds me why The Libertarian Republic and Austin Petersen is a breath of insanely fresh air.

There are historical reasons for why Ukraine in general was a domestic political bomb waiting to go off. Crimea sadly shouldn’t have been part of Ukraine to begin with. After all, it was gifted to Ukraine back in the 1950s, when everything was the Soviet Union anyway. Then again, Crimeans have nothing to gain by being part of Russia either. Crimea should always have been its own country. Then they could choose which evil to ally with. Sadly, it seems like they’ll just go from the ashes to the fire this time.

After the Soviet Union exploded, it left many time bombs undetonated in the satellite states. We all know Ukraine has been boiling for the past decade. The Orange Revolution only marked a beginning for what is now unfolding. Putin simply jumped to the occasion and has been making the most of it. Actually, Putin did have some political and military treaties on his side that he’s made use of to get the balls rolling, like the Russian-Ukrainian military agreement in Crimea, in order to let Russia keep its only ice free naval base. This is the “legitimacy” in question. Moral legitimacy? No. Political/legal legitimacy? Sadly, yes. It’s a very complex situation in today’s political environment. A situation the Russian puppet regime in Ukraine left behind for the new quazi-revolutionary government in Ukraine to handle. It might just be much more complex than what the good man being interviewed in the LR article would like to admit to. This is the problem of completely blacklisting Russia as a huge bad guy in this. They have some defense against such allegations, and Putin can use it for his political propaganda at home. They love his giant steel balls back in Russia. It’s the culture there. And we in the West constantly give him excuses to show them off.

Personally I’ve been fascinated by Putin. Not because I like Putin. He’s a maniac. But it’s fascinating to see how he always gets his way. He’s brilliant at the whole international politics thing. I mean, insanely brilliant. He’s incredibly sneaky and have been playing circles around Obama for years now. Like how I noted during the Syria crisis, he was basically able to avoid a possible third world war over Syria by playing the political game like a genius, while America was willing to ally with Al-Qaida against Russia and Syria, in order to punish Assad in what had been nothing but an internal and contained Civil War. Not to mention Putin has continuously been properly critical of US endeavors in the Middle East. He gets how things work. He wasn’t in the KGB for nothing. He knows. He actually knows much better than our fluffy leaders.

So what does all of this do to me as a lover of freedom? It doesn’t make me weak in the knees for Putin. And it surely doesn’t make me an anti-American drone. I love America. I love our Western Civilization. This is where my ideals as a Libertarian and hardcore Capitalist and Individualist were born. Ayn Rand didn’t flee from Soviet to America for nothing. That’s why it makes me furious that Western leaders are nothing but a bunch of incompetent pillocks that play straight into Putin’s political trap. It makes me furious when America sends a young, incompetent hipster intellectual as a UN ambassador, only to get her vegan-environmentalist-Harvard woven sweater laughed at by ballsy Russians that were breast fed with vodka from infancy. We hold no respect. We talk about principles, but we look like a bunch of hypocrites that show no thought to uphold those principles at home, while John Kerry opens his gigantic jaw just to make some empty and thoughtless threats and spouting deeply hypocritical slurs. Our political class is in shambles; a bunch of pretty boys and bimbo girls that think sweet thoughts and puppies will save the world, and that if we only talk stern enough, all the rowdy kids will eventually listen.

Putin knows very well he can do what he does without the West daring to do anything about it. He knows he can be a bully and a brat. Why? Because Americans have become fed up and tired with continuous wars (not to mention bankrupt), just like Ron Paul said 6 years ago, the EU are a bunch of social democrat pansies and Putin and China can completely silence the UN. There is nothing left. I guess the only ones left that knows how to play hardball are Israel. But how would they be able to stand up against a Russian threat when they can’t even handle Hamas?

So if the goal of the West (and us freedom lovers alike, for that matter) is to lead by example and make Russians rebel against Putin and move towards freedom, we’re doing a terrible job at it. We’re just feeding his “whataboutism“, we set up these silly situations where we make it legitimate for him to annex land masses by sneaky tactics, and we’re incapable of doing anything about it when he starts to line up his military along our borders. That’s sad.

But indeed, there is potential for Ukraine to get something good out of this too. Hopefully, Ukraine can finally break free from the puppeteers in Russia. Ideally, they should just have forcibly excluded the areas of anti-Ukrainian sentiments, like Crimea, and offered complete assimilation to anyone in Ukraine who wish to live in a pro-Western, independent Ukrainian republic. Yes, they should have played ball before Putin did. Kick out all the pro-Russian puppets and oligarch jerks, get on the freedom train and ally with the US and EU if they so wish. That would have been brilliant for the people of Ukraine. The excluded areas would be turned into independent states that could choose which side they wanna be on: Become Russian satellites or friends and trading partners with the West. Then if Putin would get trigger happy, we could rightfully bomb his ass into oblivion – no ifs or buts.

That is actually a very Libertarian response. Give me Liberty or give me death! Don’t tread on me! Live free or die! Americans, do you remember these words from your proud past? We certainly wish the rest of the world to uphold those same ideals, don’t we?

What do these words mean? To be moral and peaceful as far as it goes, let people decide over their own land and their own destiny, and always seek the most freedom for individuals, always… but as soon as someone wishes to trample on the individual moral rights of someone, make the greatest use of your right to self defense and fight tyranny by shooting them up, blowing up bombs and kicking in their faces until they can’t trample on your rights any longer. Yes, it’s tough to say that, but it’s true: Always be loving and kind to the loving and kind, but show no mercy to evil.

I know this political situation is not the fault of Libertarians. On the contrary, I believe a Libertarian world would never have produced a mess like this. But when push comes to shove in this mess of a world, please fess up, Libertarians. There are both rights and wrongs in the situation, yes, but there’s never any reason to take it up our asses. Don’t become Pro-Putin Libertarians. You may think that America doesn’t have a say in this situation as of now, and yes, that is completely true. This is a stupid situation that Ukraine should settle on its own. But if Russia starts acting like a bully and comes knocking on our collective doors, like Hitler in the late 30s, we should all dare to take up arms against evil yet again. Not for Obama the socialist, not for the socialist EU, but for our liberty to live without fear of a tyrannical state. We should dare to say and think that. We’re not the same pansies like the hippie-socialist-environmentalist crazies that run our nations and wants to take our guns from us (or as in my country, not really allow me to have a gun for self defense to begin with). At least we should strive to not be like them, even if they make it hard for us. We should dare speak up for the rights of our brethren. That is what the heroes of the Age of Enlightenment would have done.

But then again, we can’t afford to take a hard line against tyranny, because our leaders have slowly been destroying the Western civilization from within. We’re old and tired. We’ve gotten lazy. And we’re bankrupt. And that just frustrates me even more. Our leaders have really fucked us over good. And again, Putin knows this. That is reason enough to be angry as hell.

Written by Morten Rolland

March 20, 2014 at 12:06 pm

9 Responses

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  1. Heh, LOL, you still haven’t understood 🙂

    “This is a stupid situation that Ukraine should settle on its own.” …you are really confused libertarian.

    Eštebáčik Ivanko L.

    March 20, 2014 at 10:58 pm

  2. Thankyou very much for the analysis, I accept all of it 🙂


    March 20, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    • By the way, I love you for “British-Lithuanian” because I would love to be that, but unfortunately they don’t give dual citizenship, even if I speak the language and swear to defend the flag.

      Mark SPLINTER

      March 21, 2014 at 2:16 am

      • And thank you very much for reading it and the kind words! 🙂 I hope I made sense. Your interview in LR certainly made a lot of sense to me – not to mention it woke me up a bit. I think it was needed. I’m glad LR picked up on it.

        As far as British-Lithuanian goes: In my opinion, there’s the ethnic/cultural heritage that you inherit, and then there’s the cultural identity that you as an individual has chosen to become. It’s a historically very American and individualist way to define cultural and ethnic heritage, something they still practice in surveys in America. I subscribe to this notion of autonomy over your own identity and life (as a self-defined American trapped in a Norwegian body). What the State says or sanctions are only legal formalities that are meaningless outside the legal sphere. What matters to me is you the individual. The State is a non-entity anyways.

        That being said, I guess it was me who defined you as a British-Lithuanian, haha, but your words came across like someone who would like to apply that to himself, so I took the liberty to address you as such. I’m happy to see that I probably understood your sentiments correctly 🙂

        Morten Rolland

        March 23, 2014 at 7:11 am

  3. “But if Russia starts acting like a bully and comes knocking on our collective doors, like Hitler in the late 30s, we should all dare to take up arms against evil yet again.”

    Could you please clarify what you mean by this? One could argue–indeed, many are already arguing–that Russia has already begun behaving this way. At what point does Russian encroachment on former Soviet republics become a casus belli for the United States?

    John Moser

    March 20, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    • Certainly. Let me try to put it differently 🙂

      Short answer: I was addressing Libertarians and individuals everywhere. Only individuals can act, after all. When exactly? Well, I guess when the people of former Soviet republics see armed Russians ready to trespass on their land. On Crimea, this became sadly ambiguous, because of a stupid political legitimacy messing things up. In all honesty, Ukraine kinda brought that upon themselves. But only the greater reason to make the moral point crystal clear, now that Russian troops are lining up along the Ukrainian border. There needs to be a direct moral response to that.

      (Too) long answer: My argument is not so much in terms of the legitimacy of states going to war, but rather to argue that Libertarians should awaken their souls that they inherited from the heroes of freedom and the Age of Enlightenment. In Libertarian terms, it would be the choice of individuals to go to war, in whatever name they so wish… And the only just wars are the wars fought in self-defense. I can only refer you to the LR article in order to see how it basically is a matter of the historically free (more free) world against the evil (less free) world. At least in this situation. I argue that Libertarians have a moral legitimacy to join Lithuanians and Ukrainians etc in a war of self-defense against Russian encroachment on former Soviet republics, IF that were to ever happen (or rather escalate, as it were). Hopefully that will never ever happen, and it doesn’t necessarily move directly in that direction as of now, but we should have the fucking balls to say that we would, instead of becoming … well… pro-Putin Libertarians and anti-American meat heads. Because that’s when we feed Putin’s ego and allow him to show off his balls of steel. This can only hurt people in Ukraine and Lithuania etc, who only wish to lead their lives without being bullied by Moscow, like the good Mr. Splinter argued in the LR article.

      It’s in that context that it angers me how our leaders make us all look like hypocritical cowards and brainless dummies. Whether or not the United States government would have the moral legitimacy to go to war if a war breaks out in Eastern Europe is a big discussion that I didn’t necessarily get into here. But as citizens of the Western world, we look incredibly bad when we have a bunch of pillocks running our countries, while we simultaneously let our frustration of our own politicians sway us into not criticizing Putin and Russia when they do something bad… Just because Russia likes to flip our leaders off, doesn’t mean we should be apologetic of him or Russia and basically take it up our asses, as I put it. Doing so emboldens him, and that’s not a good thing. Let’s strive to be objective and not subjective.

      In any case, my main annoyance with our leaders is that they pretty much make us incapable of even being a cause for the Russian government to be cautious. We allow the Russian government to act like bullies and act threatening towards their neighbors. Living in a country who is a neighbor of Russia, I too, like Mark Splinter, can foresee where that might lead us… that is IF the comparison to Hitler in the 30s holds water. For people in countries like Lithuania or Ukraine, that’s not a very pleasant thought. It’s a very scary one. But there is a huge lesson to learn from the pre-WWII years of British leaders taking it up the ass and emboldening Hitler to put his policy of Lebensraum into existence. Putin’s blatant actions of bringing in and annexing territories of Russo-ethnic majorities holds a scary amount of similarities. I’m not saying he’s a new Hitler. I’m simply saying that history tends to repeat itself and that humans generally act through similar sets of incentives and opportunities. That is why we can ONLY hurt our future well being by being pansies who paint ourselves into a corner, where people like him can freely bully anyone he likes, without even a hint of hesitation. It deserves criticism – a principled and moral one – and we sure as hell can’t trust our leaders to do it for us.

      Also, a NATO agreement and a European Union should count for something. While I’m not convinced a collectivized contract without individual say on the matter is morally valid, it should at least have a “realist” significance, as long as we as individuals have the choice to enlist and go to war in the name of NATO – or to join our brethren in other countries, when they are in danger. After all, you never know when it could happen. And as it happens, most people in the Western world do have that choice to enlist or not … although incidentally, I live in a country where many do not have that choice. Conscription is slavery. Again, the option of declaring war is a very tough one, but there’s still no excuse to embolden a power hungry dictator and his yes crowd. Right now, that might fuck Ukrainians over big time. And how could we as Libertarians be okay with that? After all, we’re supposed to be extremely principled in regards to self-autonomy and self-defense, both for ourselves and on behalf of individuals everywhere.

      There. I hope that helped clarify what I meant 🙂

      Morten Rolland

      March 23, 2014 at 8:45 am

  4. Thanks for the engagement, Morten. Austin and I are glad to know we have readers in Norway.

    Ian Huyett

    March 20, 2014 at 9:11 pm

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